B-zo Madesicc

          Memix Music's first solo artist "B" was born somewhere in Texas and quickly moved to Oakland, CA before the age of 1. He remained in the East Bay area between the cities of Richmond, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Emeryville and other surrounding cities. He eventually ran into some legal troubles and spent a year and 7 months behind bars. After being released, B and his brother Boski jumped on a Greyhound from Las Vegas to Boston and toured the country before returning to Oakland and eventually moving to Santa Cruz where he would live for approximately 6 years. 

          He has been rapping for only a few years, but in that time has gained fans in all of the above mentioned cities as well as his current place of residence, Sacramento, CA. B has lived most of his life on the streets, homeless, and sleeping in cars, so he made it his mission to speak his mind on very serious issues in his music. His lyrics are meant to help those in need and hopefully save the streets from the "endless cycle of pain and poverty", as he would say. He was part of a group called The Prafeshanals for quite some time while living in the bay area and has now chosen to move on to a solo career while still featuring members of The Prafeshanals on his projects. 

          He states, "My music is a report from what I've seen and been through over the past 25 years. It's raw, uncut, straight to the point, and strictly for the streets. To everybody out there stuck in the struggle... stay strong, especially in your mind frame. Never give up, never back down, and wait for me. I'm coming."