B-zo Madesicc

COS aka The Criminal Of Sac (Chris Mathias)

COS aka Tha Criminal Of Sac was born and raised in Sacramento Ca... his life soon took a turn for the worse, surrounded by the everyday struggles of life in the hood he became highly involved in the street life and wasnt long after spending a lot of time behind bars....He seen music as his only escape so while in jail serving a six month sentence for possesion 4 sale he wrote his debut solo album "Siccmade Ritualz" which would be released on Siccmade Muzicc short after his release...He has since featured on more than 20 albums some including Master P's "West Coast Bad Boyz 3", Brotha Lynch'z Dinner And A Movie,  Coathanga Strangla... "Loaded",.. "Blocc Movement" With Lynch And C-Bo,. he has also since released a group album with Brotha Lynch...{Suspicion}... Volumes 1 and 2, a mixtape titled "So Help Me God" Volumes 1 and 2 .. aswell as Solo Albums "The Whole Truth", and "A Novel by Me"... COS has recently released the mixtape "50 Storiez High" Available here which Preludes the long awaited and highly anticipated Album "100 Storiez High" On Madesicc Muzicc