B-zo Madesicc

Started Rappin' professionally in 1989 at age 17 after being brought into the studio to meet Brotha Lynch Hung at Enharmonic Studios, Lynch & Sicx produced his first album "Lichen Boyz Posse". Hyst is also one of "Loc'd 2 Da Brains" most asked about artist. Hystables was mentioned & rapped about in many Sac-Town albums but his identity stayed underground with his legacy till signing with MadeSicc Muzicc Hyst is an original member of SiccMade Muzicc but took a long hiatus after the release of "Sac-A-Da-Indo" Hystables' 2nd solo Album



 "Howard Stern ( SuperFan ) & Bubba Army. I deeply enjoy learning now still as always. Apple products are the Shiz-witta-Z. I mainly love how versitial I live with many-ah personalities and I act them out through my music either with my previous active gang status or from  my healing personalities too my depressed, introverted ways. "keep Pushin'!" MC HYST








"Lichen Boyz Posse" The Early Years by M.C Hyst


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