B-zo Madesicc

        Memix Music is an independent production, mixing, mastering, and recording company out of Sacramento, California. 916! Always in the process of working with and collaborating with new and upcoming talent and/or rap artists and singers, Memix began as a single producer/engineer in his own home solely producing Remixes of Top 40 rap songs and underground hip-hop since 1998. Memix was started by it's current solo producer/engineer, Matt Marsh, who goes by the name of "mm.ip.s". 
        Matt is continuously working with new artists from all over Northern California and the United States. He has, in his short beginning, already collabed with rappers Full Chamber from Sac, Thorough Cash outta Detroit, Maze from the Capital City, B-Zo... born and raised 916 local, and he has also worked along side Brotha Lynch Hung and all of the Madesicc Muzicc artists including COS, G-Macc, Tall Cann G, California Bear Gang, Calico 101, Vamploc1, LocoRicc, Almighty Dolla, J-Nuggs, and newest Madesicc artist Trizz. He manages and engineers almost exclusively for Madesicc rapper B-Zo, as well as Maze and the newest artist to be a PART of Memix Music, his new artist "B". 
      The direction, motivation, and consistent persistence of this newly constructed team of true lyricists, and musical decoders, is leaving Memix in a realm all of its own, rapidly bypassing the industry's currently poor standards of true rap/hip-hop music and lyricism. Keep an eye WIDE open for this new force taking Sacramento... and the US... by its ankles! We goin' global!